Traditional Mudjacking VS PolyTek 360 Solution


Traditional Mudjacking

PolyTek 360 Solution

Weight Heavy weight Light weight
Break Down Breaks down by adding water and sand to an already weak soil base Does not break down
Size of Hole Core 2” holes in concrete Smaller, less frequent holes, just 5/8” – size of a penny
Coverage Does not cover as much area when void filling Infiltrate Voids Completely
Warranty Possible one-year warranty Ten-year materials warranty
Time Two-day cure time Minimal disruption – most driveways are lifted in two hours or less. (Cures in 20 mins.)
Environmental Impact Prolonged, often dusty, messy process Environmentally inert and impervious to water
Tech Level Old technologies Cures within minutes, ready for vehicular traffic
Professional Level Experienced technicians
Others Quick and clean

The POLYTEK 360 Advantage

  • Professional technicians, fast service, and a permanent solution
  • Non-disruptive, non-intrusive, clean, no dust or water, no excavations required
  • Proven process with precision results
  • More controllable and accurate, more efficient and cost-effective
  • Light weight, adds little additional overburden, stabilizes subgrade
  • Use inside and out, above grade or below
  • Impervious to water, eliminates water pathways and associated future problems
  • Resistant to chemicals and solvents, insensitive to temperature changes and freeze/thaw cycles
  • Upon job completion, area is ready for immediate use including vehicular traffic
  • Environmentally neutral
  • Long-term material stability with Ten Year Materials Warranty