Make it Right – Make It WALLTITE® Eco and PolyTek360


When you’re choosing insulation, make the right choices: WALLTITE® Eco, the purple insulation, with professional installation by the certified industry experts, POLYTEK 360.

WALLTITE® Eco is a medium density polyurethane foam insulation/air barrier system designed to improve the energy efficiency of any type of building. Its formulation includes recycled plastic and a zero ozone depleting blowing agent. It adheres to virtually any surface, providing a gap-free, airtight envelope of low permeability even under extreme climatic conditions, and does not support fungal growth.

WALLTITE® Eco’s industry-leading performance results in substantial energy savings. As a spray-applied seamless system requiring no fasteners, WALLTITE Eco maximizes the performance of the building envelope and allows HVAC systems to operate more efficiently, thus reducing energy costs. WALLTITE® Eco is GREENGUARD Children & Schools SM-certified for indoor air quality.

POLYTEK 360 – We Install It Right

POLYTEK 360 is the right choice for your WALLTITE® Eco installation because we are trained professionals. POLYTEK 360’s approved applicators have undergone rigorous training far beyond the industry standard. Our attention to detail, continual quality control testing and board ready finish sets us apart. As an authorized installer, POLYTEK 360 is completely integrated with the WALLTITE® Eco quality assurance program to ensure you get a premium quality end product, every time. You can trust POLYTEK 360’s dedication, professionalism, and experience. We take great pride in doing your job right.

PolyTek 360 and WALLTITE® Eco - The Right Combination to Fill All Your Insulation Needs!



WALLTITE® ECO Technical Data Sheet

WALLTITE® ECO Material Safety Data Sheet


Why Choose WALLTITE® Eco?

The premium WALLTITE® spray-applied polyurethane foam insulating air barrier system helps to provide maximum energy efficiency, durability, and occupant comfort, health, and safety. Seamless and self-adhering, the WALLTITE® insulating air barrier system eliminates uncontrolled air leakage by providing monolithic construction, complete continuity, and superior insulation R/U-value. Lower installation labor costs and a lifecycle that lasts throughout the building’s life expectancy combine to make the WALLTITE® insulating air barrier system a highly cost-effective solution.

WALLTITE® Eco exceeds the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada. In fact, WALLTITE Eco air barrier systems are the only products available on the market today that have successfully met the polyurethane durability test of appendix D of the “Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) Technical Guide for Air Barrier Systems for Exterior Walls of Low-Rise Buildings.” WALLTITE® Eco systems also conform to CAN/ULC-S705.1 (including amendments 1 and 2). The WALLTITE® insulating air barrier system outperforms traditional insulation materials in eco-efficiency on its test scores in the award-winning BASF Eco-Efficiency Analysis.

WALLTITE® Eco. The insulation that pays you back. Created to be consistent with the highest standards of sustainable development.