Your preferred solution for lifting concrete slabs

POLYTEK 360 is your preferred and effective solution for lifting concrete slabs, and is just a fraction of the cost of replacement. Over time, sub-surface water erosion, unstable soils, and poor compaction can all lead to uneven settling. POLYTEK 360 technology can expertly restore your concrete slabs to their correct levels.

Sunken slabs are restored with precision results

POLYTEK 360’s skilled site technicians lift concrete slabs by injecting polyurethane foam in the areas below the slab. Small holes are drilled in the surface. Then, POLYTEK 360 materials are injected under the slab. The foam expands into the void, lifting the sunken slab, and accurately restoring it to its correct height with precision results.





Environmentally friendly and water-repellent

Our slab lifting material’s inert qualities make it completely safe for the environment without risk of leaching into surrounding areas. In addition, its density and water-repellent characteristics will actually displace water during application and block water pathways, helping to prevent further water-related problems from occurring.

Effective at lifting any slab, regardless of size

The POLYTEK 360 solution is effective in lifting any concrete slab, regardless of its size. Our custom built advanced equipment allows us to inject materials simultaneously in different areas, resulting in a faster and more accurate lift. Whether your slab problems are in commercial, domestic, or industrial locations, POLYTEK 360 has you covered.

The POLYTEK 360 Advantage

  • Professional technicians, fast service, and a permanent solution
  • Non-disruptive, non-intrusive, clean, no dust or water, no excavations required
  • Proven process with precision results
  • More controllable and accurate, more efficient and cost-effective
  • Light weight, adds little additional overburden, stabilizes subgrade
  • Interior/Exterior, above grade or below
  • Impervious to water, eliminates water pathways and associated future problems
  • Resistant to chemicals and solvents, insensitive to temperature changes and freeze/thaw cycles
  • Upon job completion, area is ready for immediate use including vehicular traffic
  • Environmentally neutral
  • Long-term material stability with Ten Year Materials Warranty

Here’s How Slab Lifting Works


POLYTEK 360 client representative visits your site, assesses the problem, and writes a report with recommended solutions.


Now, POLYTEK 360 is on site. The POLYTEK 360 technician conducts an on-site assessment and prepares to begin remediation work.


Next, the POLYTEK 360technician drills an infrequent series of small holes – the size of a penny – in the slab.


Injection begins. The objective is to gradually lift the slab, proportionately through its overall surface. By lifting in small amounts in one area of the slab, then shifting the lift action to another area, the overall integrity of the slab is maintained. Precision measuring instruments track the slab lift by the millimetre so that the slab is restored accurately to its original height.


Larger slabs may require additional void filling. The technician uses his experience and knowledge of equipment and material feedback to determine when each area to be filled has reached capacity.


After just 15 minutes, the newly injected materials are 90% cured. Your slab problems are solved, and the treated area is ready to be put back into service. Driveways and sidewalks, garage pads, trip hazards, interior concrete floors, loading docks, factory floors, bridge approaches, concrete roadways.