From the onsite inspection and quote to the completion and inspection of the concrete work on our 30 year old driveway, we were very impressed with Brent, Shauna and the Polytek crew.

The initial inspection by Shauna and Brent and their explanation of the work and the process required to update our driveway for safe driving on, was very much appreciated. Like most homeowners, we were not aware of all of the issues which had developed over 30 years and that there were numerous voids under the cement and the cement pad was pulling away from the house. They made sure we understood the areas of concern with the driveway and what Polytek could do to address all of the concerns.

Once the initial inspection and quote were provided, Polytek was very quick to send in their crew and fix all problems with our driveway. The technicians did a great job filling the voids in our driveway in only a few hours.

The exceptional care and professionalism shown by Shauna, Brent and the Polytek technicians certainly eased any concerns we had with fixing our driveway. Thank you for ensuring our driveway was updated and safe to drive and park on for many more years.


The Smiths


To Polytek360:

Not only did the PolyTek 360 technicians do a great job filling the voids under our cracking patio and sidewalks, they did it surprisingly fast, and with no mess or other damage! And the care that Shauna and Brent personally took to make sure everything was perfect made the whole process so easy. Personal service, professional knowledge and care, great people, and a great product and job. What a team! Couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

Kevin and Debbie Engel

To Polytek360:

Thanks to Dan and Tim for the great job they did lifting my concrete and sidewalk. The results were amazing and these guys did a fantastic job. Everything was left very clean and neat.
Susan B

To Polytek360:

This company is fantastic! I had always been hesitant to fix my fallen driveway/sidewalk because I had never seen very good results from the old mudjacking techniques. But when I saw their ad it just made sense to me. I gave them a call and within days they were here to give me a solid estimate and explain what needed to be done to correct my problem. I agreed to go ahead and again, within days they were here to do the job. They were fast, efficient and professional. Any questions or concerns I had, even later, were always addressed promptly. I’m thrilled with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to everyone I know. Thank-you Shauna and Brent !
Diane B

To Polytek360:

I'd like to thank you and your whole team for the professional job for fixing our basement floor. I was a bit skeptical about the success of it first because it is a huge area, basically the whole basement floor sank 3-4 inches at some areas. Robin and Tyler got to it as they arrived and in about 2 hrs I saw the floor literally moving up. The holes are so small so easy to cover! They worked around our waste water lines in the way that no pipe replacement needed which saved us some money too. You guys are professionals, your product is way better than just mud jacking! There is no way we would get any other company doing it in Fort McMurray at this time! Plus we got our front slab fixed too ! Thanks everything I will recommend your company to everyone!

Csaba and Sheri

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To Polytek360:

Thank you for the wonderful job.


Concrete Raise By Polytek360-

We were very apprehensive about having our solid concrete front step/brick planter all attached to a brick wall by the door ever being lifted successfully. When we discussed the job with the owners of Polytek 360 we were assured it could be done. Their technicians were very polite and informative as well, so we felt comfortable going ahead. The job was done impeccably by efficient, young technicians. We are very pleased with the outcome and the cost involved. We recommend Polytek360 very highly!



My garage floor had slowly been sinking over the past several years. Standing water was taking it's toll on the concrete. It was cracking chipping and every winter would shift which just added to the cracking. And sinking ever more. Nothing could be done. we thought about replacing it, but the garage is huge, which would make it somewhat of a financial burden to replace. However we found PolyTek 360m at the Home and Garden show. The answer to all our prayers. Tyler and Dave arrived on time, promptly went to work and completed the job at the estimated time. They cleaned up after themselves, were polite and professional which in this day if you have ever had renos done, know that in itself is amazing. I have a card for a co-worker because I would recommend them to anyone.Thank you all.

Elizabeth Mensforth

To Polytek360:

Cliff and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job Polytek360 Inc. completed on our garage and garage floor. As you know, the company that tried to lift our garage in the first place totally failed and really made the floor worse. You not only lifted, leveled and repaired the garage, but you filled in the cracks as well. Thank you again. We are very happy to have our garage in good shape again.

Noma and Cliff Morrissey

I wish to express my thanks for the work your company did at my home.

My driveway had sunk approximately five inches in the worst spot, at the entrance to the garage. I was sure that I would have to have the old pad removed and replaced, at a substantial cost. I happened upon your company and began to investigate to see if this would apply in my case, as I did not want the unsightly large holes left by mud-jacking.

To my great pleasure it turned out to be the ideal solution. After speaking with you, for the free quote, I was assured this was the right application. When the men arrived to do the work they were very helpful in explaining what the process involved would entail, and how they would proceed with the work to be done. I was very pleased when they did not have any objection to my watching to see the driveway rise to its former level.

Again I would like to thank you the fellows that did the work. They were very professional and friendly, and you Bob for explaining how this technology is not new but has been in use for many years. My wife and I are very happy with the result, and will be reminded of the quality work every time we drive into the garage of our home.

An extremely satisfied customer

Ted and Irene Nieuwendyk

Hi Brent and Crew

Just wanted to say thank you again for fixing our driveway. You guys came out and explained the process and did an amazing job lifting our driveway back to where it should be. The job was done in a couple hours with no mess. We would highly recommend Polytek 360 to anyone that needs their driveway done.

Brad and Sherry

A Big “Thank You” to the crew of Polytek 360 for spray foaming our home! Awesome bunch of guys! So pleased with the job! Came in and got the job done in great time even considering the complexity of the job. Would highly recommend Polytek 360 if you are needing residential spray foaming.

Again great big thanks to Brent and the rest of the team.

Travis and Jessica Corbin


Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the job that was done. The crew explained to me what they were doing and answered my questions and even with the cracks they were able to raise the driveway approximately 4 inches so that it was level with the garage floor.

Great job.

John Roy

Polyurethane foam came to us recommended by our landscaper and another man that does lot grading. It was explained to us that polyurethane is an effective alternative to the traditional mud-jacking that leaves more of an imprint on your property. I like the fact that the holes that were drilled were small and do not look as bad as the cement filled patches left from a mud-jacking job. Also, the guys from Polytek 360 were reliable, knowledgeable, on time, and most pleasant to deal with. The warranty that accompanies the job gives us the security of knowing that should something need to be repaired or revisited, there will not be a problem. We have already passed on your information to two potential customers.

Ted and Christine

Dear Brent Holden – President
and the PolyTek 360 Team

I’m not the most graceful guy… wife says I can be clumsy at times? I would always defend myself and blame it on this 2″ lip that had been created from the driveway falling.

She got tired of me breaking stuff in the garage, I got tired of stubbing my toes on this nasty tripping hazard! I consider myself a smart shopper, like many home owners did my due diligence and got a few quotes for lifting our fallen driveway. I was very familiar with the process of mud jacking have seen it used in the past, “the neighbors driveway”. Was a little reluctant to have it done on my property because of the mess, the large core holes left behind…..did I mention the mess!

Polytek 360 dropped off a canvass flyer in my mail box and I decided to give them a call as part of the quoting process! All I can say is, “WOW” what a, “GREAT experience !”

From the sales department to the guys in the coveralls – (and they look very sharp I may add) professional all the way. PolyTek 360 was on time, competitive in pricing , informative , has new equipment , the crew worked clean and proficiently… and did exactly what they promised!

Minimal effort with clean up, you can drive on it a few hours and these tiny little holes, strategically placed that are, unnoticeable, the poly foam process they use is very hi(gh) tech… clean! And I literally watch my driveway float back into place effortlessly. In comparison to old school mud jacking… the Polytek360 process for lifting your concrete flat work is the only way to go – period!

Great Team of Professionals , glad I made the phone call off a one junk mail flyer!

Very Happy Customer -

Dan Martin - Edmonton Alberta

To Polytek360:

Thank you for the great service and end result for the work you did at my home in St. Albert. I was familiar with traditional mud jacking but was hesitant to use it due to the inaccurate nature of the leveling process and the look of the concrete upon completion (large holes). I have an engineering background and when I heard about the Polytek360 system using small holes and expanding foam to lift the concrete, I was confident that the system was what I was looking for.

Although we had a bit of a mix up on the time the crew was to arrive, they more than made up for it with their professional and courteous attitudes. The crew di their work in a clean manner and made a point to ask my opinion as the concrete began to rise. I was actually shocked to see it rise approximately 6 inches at the worst point. Your crew was almost fussier than I was with the finished product, reviewing their work constantly and correcting one sidewalk corner that your lead hand Steve “was not happy with”.

In summary, I am 100% satisfied with Polytek360’s performance and was pleased with the fair price you charged for the work. I have already referred a colleague to you that requires your firm’s expertise. PS, I have included the before and after photos below.