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Soil Stabilization
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The Polytek 360 Advantage

Why Choose POLYTEK 360 for your
Concrete Lifting Solutions?

  • Professional technicians, fast service, and a permanent solution
  • Non-disruptive, non-intrusive, clean, no dust or water, no excavations required
  • Proven process with precision results
  • More controllable and accurate, more efficient and cost-effective
  • Light weight, adds little additional overburden, stabilizes subgrade
  • Interior/Exterior, above grade or below

Traditional mudjacking is a time consuming, costly, and environmentally destructive process. By choosing Polytek 360 for your concrete lifting solutions, you’ll be saving yourself time, money, and you’ll be choosing an environmentally friendly alternative.

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Edmonton's Concrete Leveling
& Repair Contractor

As a leader in utilizing polyjacking technology, Polytek 360 delivers a wide range of services in this field. We offer the specialized expertise, technicians, and dedication necessary to properly serve the Edmonton area community.

  • Serving the Edmonton community since 2012
  • Experienced professionals you can trust
  • Ready to tackle any job
Discreet Holes are Drilled
Small ⅝” holes are drilled into the surface needing repair.
Polyurethane Fills the Void
Polyurethane foam is injected into the small holes with a cure time of only minutes.
Holes are Patched
The small holes are patched immediately afterwards.

Our Process

The POLYTEK 360 Advantage

Our materials are guaranteed for ten years and will not break down and leech into the surrounding soil or the water table. Our process is extremely clean, and work is typically complete in 4 hours or less. Once we’re done, your site will be ready to use again with no further downtime.

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The POLYTEK 360 Commitment


Polyurethane grout has been in use for almost 40 years worldwide.


We employ only the most experienced and dedicated technicians.


Our materials are guaranteed for 10 years.

Our Services

What We Can Offer

An environmentally friendly alternative to mudjacking that requires less down time on site, minimally invasive procedures, and the ability to get back to work within hours.

  • Slab Lifting

    Over time, below grade problems can lead to uneven settling of concrete slabs. POLYTEK 360 technology can restore your concrete slabs to their correct levels at a fraction of replacement cost.

  • Void Filling

    Voids can occur for a variety of reasons, including water erosion, sink holes, tunneling, and abandoned excavations and pipes. Unlike mudjacking, POLYTEK 360 materials are impervious to water.

  • Soil Stabilization

    Poor compaction or composition, inadequate drainage, and excavations can lead to unstable soil and decreased load bearing capacity. POLYTEK 360 material binds and compacts non-cohesive soils.