Your preferred solution for stabilizing weakened soils

POLYTEK 360 is your preferred and effective solution for stabilizing weakened soils. Poor compaction or composition, leaking pipes, inadequate drainage, excavations – these situations can lead to an unstable soil base and a decrease in the load bearing capacity of foundation soils.

Expansion and pressure binds soils together

POLYTEK 360’s skilled site technicians solve weak soil problems by injecting polyurethane grout into the affected area at predetermined depths. These materials expand through the soil and exert pressure of 50 tonnes per m2. POLYTEK 360 material binds non-cohesive soils together at the same time as its expansion results in compaction, compression and densification of the treated and adjacent soils.

Apply Permeation and/or Compaction Grouting Methods

Depending on the nature of the soil stabilization problem, POLYTEK 360 professionals will apply either permeation or compaction grouting, or a combination of the two. The reaction time of the material, and thus its permeation capacity, is controlled by formulation, amount of catalyst, and equipment temperature settings. Once the outer layers of the foam begin to solidify, soil compaction begins, controlled by injection pressures and the expansive forces of the continuously injected resin.

Environmentally friendly and water-repellent

Our soil stabilization material’s inert qualities make it completely safe for the environment, without risk of leaching into surrounding areas. In addition, its density and water-repellent characteristics will actually displace water during application and block water pathways, helping to prevent further water-related problems from occurring.

Solves soil stabilization problems quickly and cost-effectively

The POLYTEK 360 solution is effective in binding and conglomerating non-cohesive soils, thereby increasing the load-bearing capacity. POLYTEK 360 effectively solves soil stabilization issues quickly, cleanly, and cost-effectively. Whether your soil stabilization problems are in commercial, domestic, or industrial locations, POLYTEK 360 has you covered.

The POLYTEK 360 Advantage

  • Professional technicians, fast service, and a permanent solution
  • Non-disruptive, non-intrusive, clean, no dust or water, no excavations required
  • Proven process with precision results
  • Soil permeation and/or soil compaction
  • Light weight, adds little additional overburden, stabilizes subgrade
  • Impervious to water, eliminates water pathways and associated future problems
  • Insensitive to temperature changes and freeze/thaw cycles
  • Inert to the environment and water table
  • Can be injected directly in water-laden soils without compromise
  • Upon job completion, area is ready for immediate use including vehicular traffic

Ask about our TEN Year Materials Warranty.

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