It's All On Board & On Site

Our expertise is technology-driven and self-contained

The effective application of polyurethane solutions requires absolute accuracy in temperature, pressure, blends, foam flows, and more. How we set up, how we pump, how we dry – our techniques and expertise are technology-driven and 100% self-contained – everything that is required for a successful solution is on board the POLYTEK 360 truck.

State-of-the-art equipment and professional technicians

At POLYTEK 360, we back up our commitment to industry-leading technology with state-of-the-art on-board equipment and industry-leading professional technicians. POLYTEK 360 trucks are rolling laboratories, fitted out with computer-controlled machinery for precision application by trained, certified and experienced specialists who have operated successfully in the trade for decades.

Service excellence every time

At POLYTEK 360, we have invested in the technology and the professionals that deliver service excellence and effective resolutions for our clients. Every time.

Our equipment and expertise means your project will be completed to the highest standards available.

The best equipment on the market today

POLYTEK 360 works exclusively with the best equipment available on the market today: GRACO. GRACO is the leading equipment manufacturer of its type in North America today, and POLYTEK 360 has incorporated custom made GRACO’s E30i and the H25 in our operations.

At POLYTEK 360, our investment in leadership equipment means that you receive service excellence, every time, from the top professionals in the industry.