POLYTEK 360 Resin Systems

Polytek360 has a vast array of polyurethane resin systems, each designed with specific characteristics to achieve optimal performance in many different applications.

Our slab lifting material is a two component, closed cell, rigid polyurethane system designed for lifting/leveling concrete, void filling and cavity fill applications. This product is specially designed for bridge approaches, highway and street sections and airport runways/taxiways.

Our geotechnical systems are a lower viscosity polyurethane resin designed to stabilize soils when high or medium strength is required. When injected they migrates through the soils and into the below grade voids. The polyurethane encapsulates loose soil, fills voids and forms a solid, water tight barrier.

We also have polyurethane systems specially designed for extreme wet environments, extreme void filling applications, extreme compressive strength situations and more. Selecting the correct resin system will ensure the job is completed properly the first time with lasting results.

Environmental Impact

Our Polytek360 material’s inert qualities make it safe for the environment as well, without risk of leaching into surrounding areas. Our cured materials are resistant to mildew, molds and will not harvest ants or other insects and rodents. Also they will not shrink, decay or deteriorate when injected under concrete slabs or into the soil.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose POLYTEK 360 Polyurethanes

  • Extremely fast set up time allows an accurate and precise lift within millimeters
  • Impervious to water, eliminates water pathways and associated future problems
  • Inert to the environment and water table, will not leach
  • Insensitive to temperature changes and freeze/thaw cycles
  • Light weight, adds little additional overburden to potentially shifting substrate
  • Extremely fast cure time allowing area to be returned to service within 15 minutes
  • Conforms to all irregular shapes and stabilizes the subgrade
  • Can be injected directly in water-laden soils without compromise
  • Retains over 95% of its compressive strength when injected into wet or high moisture environments
  • Suitable for geotechnical applications

Ask about our TEN Year Materials Warranty.