A technical track record that goes back decades

At POLYTEK 360 our highly skilled technicians use the latest technology to solve your slab lifting, soil stabilization, and void filling problems with polyurethane grout. The principles and processes underlying our techniques have been in use for decades. Invented in Finland almost forty years ago, and now in use worldwide, polyurethane foam application is a process that you can depend on – it’s tried and true.

Environmentally friendly

The polyurethane grput used in the POLYTEK 360 process are completely environmentally friendly. Our materials will not leach and will not break down after injection into the sub-grade. Unlike the slurries used in conventional mudjacking which spread into the surrounding areas, POLYTEK 360 grout are completely neutral, and, once cured (cure times are just minutes), our products are inert in the environment and the water table.

A huge improvement over conventional mudjacking

Mudjacking, the conventional method of dealing with problems like voids and sunken slabs, may sometimes cost less to apply, but its shelf life is significantly shorter than polyurethane grout. Our materials are guaranteed for ten years, whereas mudjacking is often guaranteed for only one year.

Mudjacking – at 100 lbs. per cubic foot – is extremely heavy, which adds to the overburden of already stressed soils. The POLYTEK 360 solution – modern polyurethane grout – weighs only 2 lbs. per cubic foot, just 2% of the weight of mudjacking.

Since sunken grades and voids usually result from underground water erosion, the use of mudjacking – which is water- and sand based – may actually exacerbate the problem. Polyurethanes, on the other hand, displace the water and block water pathways, thus virtually eliminating the possibility of the problem’s reoccurrence due to water erosion.

Our process offers minimal disruption and much less down-time

The POLYTEK 360 process is significantly less disruptive and much cleaner than conventional mudjacking. The foam is delivered through small 5/8 in. holes drilled into the surface and easily repaired (compare this to 2 in. mudjacking holes). And, since polyurethane materials cover larger areas than mudjacking, fewer holes are required, thus minimizing surface scarring.

The POLYTEK 360 process is extremely clean, and work is typically finished in four hours or less. And, once we’re gone, your site is ready to use again. Newly repaired slabs can even support heavy vehicular traffic immediately afterwards. When compared to concrete replacement, the comparisons weigh even more heavily in favour of the POLYTEK 360 process: with a cure time of 28 days and much greater costs, there’s really no contest.